The Chatham Orpheum Theater strives to assist our patrons who need hearing assistance. We offer several options to aid in your film-going experience.

Hearing Assistant Devices

Available in ALL theaters for EVERY film. We provide you with a headset that amplifies the dialog of the film that you can adjust to your preference. One of our volunteers or employees will hand you a receiver with amplified sound for your theater. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Descriptive Audio

We provide you with a headset that provides a descriptive narration of the film.  This feature is available in both theaters on select films. Please check with theater staff for availability. 


In-Seat Closed Caption Viewing

Enjoy subtitles while sitting in your seat! Held in your seat’s cup holder, a small screen can be placed in front of you that displays the film’s dialogue. Please note while most studio films support captions, some independent films do not include them. Please check with theater staff.

In-Seat Closed Captioning is available in both theaters.

For assistance with any of these services, please speak to a volunteer or employee
when purchasing your ticket at the box office.


These services would not be possible
without the generous contributions from :


The Garmany Fund of the Hartford Foundation